24 October 2006

A schaube - my new replacement cloak

Originally uploaded by Catrijn.
This wasn't one of my most heavily researched projects, but it was made from just materials on hand, and is fairly period. I mostly based it around woodcuts at Myra's schaube documentation. The Curious Frau's schaube dress diary also has good images (although the style shown is a bit later). The short length is unusual, but it's very convenient, and there is at least a little evidence for it.

It is made of a coat-weight wool, and fully lined in a bright red linen. The fur collar is a piece I inherited (it went with a matching stole) - mink, I think. You can't see it at all in the photo, but it closes at the neck with a cast pewter button (which happens to feature the device of my favorite Barony :-) ); I've got additional buttons that I plan to add eventually, but even one button does a good job of keeping the coat closed.

I definitely prefer a coat like this over a cloak; it kept me warm in chilly, windy weather this weekend, and I didn't have to take it off to shoot (a little tricky with the quiver, though). If I was going to make another one, I think the sleeves are too narrow, and I'm not totally happy with the A-line look of it. I think that's mostly a function of the stiffness of the wool, so I'm hoping it may soften up with more use.

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