17 January 2013

Birgitta cap - working both sides toward the middle

I can't overstate how much easier it has been to work the looping threads with a more open base.

Right now, I've got the fourth looping thread almost finished (two along each fabric edge), and I'm trying to figure out exactly how I'm going to finish the middle.

For anyone working from the article in Medieval Clothing & Textiles 4 (Fig 6.15 on page 137), please note that there are some errors in the diagram. The first two drawings on the left have a different under/over pattern from the one at the bottom (which is correct). And as far as getting from the second one on the right to the last one, it might as well say "magic happens here". I'm not entirely convinced that the final diagram is even a possible pattern of continuous threads - I'll be making mine up as I go.

02 January 2013

A fresh start for the new year

On New Year's Day, I decided that I really did want a fresh start on my Birgitta cap. So I took scissors all the way up the back, and ripped it all out. I made all the modifications that I'd been pondering - I measured out all the spacing on the backing cloth beforehand. I sewed the outer fabric to the backing cloth firmly and at close spacing, rather than basting. I waxed my thread. I worked out in both directions from the middle, so that I could use a thread long enough to reach end-to-end with some to spare. And so far, I am much more optimistic about the result. Here's to a New Year, and not settling for something that makes you unhappy.