31 December 2013

Unfinished projects of 2013

Unfinished projects of 2013
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Some people are posting wrap-up summaries of all the things they made this year. I figured I'd have more to talk about if instead, I covered all the things that are currently lying around in my sewing area.

Half a chemise. This is for the 1490s transitional gown project. Still needs: second sleeve attached, gores attached, neckline cut and finished, and hemmed.

Mostly done black kirtle. This is so close to done, and I've worn it already; I might wear it again this weekend and I should really remember to take pictures. Still needs: lining, and maybe replacements for those darn sleeves.

16th century Persian coat. This is luscious, I love the silk. Still needs to be hemmed, and buttons+button loop closures.

12th century wool tunic for my husband. I don't post about things for the man very often, since his style tends toward quite plain, but there it is. This still needs hand-finishing for points of gores, neckline, and hems. Plus I was debating adding contrast accents for the neckline and sleeves.

Enough fabric buttons for the sleeves of my Moy gown. I can't use these until I can manage buttonholes I don't hate...

And last but not least, a new hennin with bonnet. This is just a mock-up, started yesterday... for this weekend. Wish me luck!

And apparently, this is my 100th post. That's a nice way to round out the year :)

09 December 2013

Non-sewing diversions

Champleve enamel lily
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While the things I post here are mostly restricted to historic sewing, I am multi-crafty (in a ridiculous oh shiny sort of way). I took some enameling classes about six months ago, and I've been very taken with it. This is the latest piece that I have finished, and I wanted to share because I am inordinately proud of it.

05 December 2013

A rookie mistake

Chemise seams
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I'm working on a matching chemise for the black transitional kirtle - a pretty simple piece of untailored, geometric cut sewing. That didn't stop me from making a really brain-dead mistake.

I had made a mock-up based on measurements, sewed it quickly by machine, and everything was fine. Cut the real one to be hand sewn to the same measurements, starting sewing, and what do you know, the sleeves don't fit at all (too tight in the elbows). Because I had used french seams with very scant seam allowance on the machine sewn one, and had given a more generous allowance on hand sewing, to make turning the edges for false-french finishing easier. And that was the difference between a sleeve that lets me bend my elbow and one that doesn't.

So... move all the seams out that quarter-inch, and deal with very scant allowances for turning. And feel like you really ought to be past this sort of mistake.