12 September 2007

18th c. strapless stays: (lack of) progress

I've not gotten much done on this project in the past two weeks. Basting the layers together was quick and easy, but the pieces have pretty much remained in that state ever since. I had been thinking that I would do all handsewing for this, and I started assembly with a fairly small, precise backstitch. Having done only the first seam (center front) and an inch of the second, though, the primary feeling I get when I think about picking it up again is one of dread. The thickness of the six layers combined with the strength of the seam that I think will be necessary slowed my speed to a painful crawl. So, given how I'm now feeling about this project, my inclination is to switch over to machine sewing for the main assembly. I'll probably re-visit the question of hand sewing when I get to the boning channels, since they'll be more visible (and perhaps easier, since there are fewer layers at a time).

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