03 March 2008

Finished apron dress

Hedeby-style apron dress
Originally uploaded by Catrijn.
This dress has been done for months, but I hadn't gotten any pictures of it until now. Like I outlined in my post on creating the pattern, it's a very simple cut with 4 identical panels, and each panel has a vertical dart for tailoring. The darts in the back are much shallower than the ones in the front, and might be skipped entirely for some women. The straps are long loops made from 1 inch strips of the same fabric as the dress, folded in itself twice.

I'm happy with the overall fit and look of the dress, but not entirely satisfied with it as a recreation based on the Hedeby fragment. While I was able to incorporate most of the features of the piece, the location of the hole near the upper edge of the piece didn't match up with anywhere I could plausibly position a strap, either on the front or the back.

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