07 January 2009

Feathered hat progress

Feathered hat top
Originally uploaded by Catrijn.
There's nothing like a deadline to get you moving on a project. I really want this hat finished for 12th Night, which is this weekend, as it will really make or break the outfit. It's looking good from the top, but the side shows the truth. And yes, it will be completely covered in feathers, aside from the inside band. Actually, I'm a bit further along, since I took these pictures before working on it last night. The bottom edge is now covered in as well, and I'm just starting to work on filling in the middle, overlapping feathers so the change in direction isn't so obvious. (For comfort, I've kept the stiff root end of the quills always away from the head opening, which means that the top and the bottom have feathers going in different directions.)

The large string of beads from the original inspiration will probably be a miss for this weekend because of time constraints, although I would still like to make it. I do, however, have a new pair of appropriate shoes that I got for Christmas, which makes me very happy.

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