05 April 2010

Housebook dress: Finished

Housebook dress
Originally uploaded by Catrijn.
I've covered the inspiration and construction in previous posts, so there's not a lot to say other than here's the finished product.

The chemises worn with this dress seem somewhat variable - some aren't visible, and those that are seem to have various cuts and styles, so I haven't made one particular for this gown (although a low-necked smocked one would be great). I've accessorized with a smocked linen apron. The pleats in the headwrap are sewn down for convenience, although linen does hold a nice edge with just ironing. I've got a fairly sizeable stuffed pad for the halo effect underneath; again, sizes in the artwork are variable from apparently none to quite large ones. It's set up like this: split hair, braid from just behind ears, loop around front and bobby pin above ears; clip stuffed roll (wulst) to now secured hair (mine has raw fabric edges around the inside which I can catch with small barrettes); drape pleated edge of veil over forehead, and secure front two corners to each other at back of head with one or two straight pins (I like longish brass ones for this); smooth out remainder of veil, twist remaining corners and tuck under; fin.


Anonymous said...

How did you finish it (eye/hook, pullover/ hidden lacing loops)?

Catrijn vanden Westhende said...

There's still no permanent closure mechanism; it was sewn shut with a matching silk thread on the day this picture was taken. It is too closely fitted to work for me as a pullover style, and I haven't been very happy with the hook & eye closures I've done on other dresses, so if I put in fasteners, it will probably be hidden lacing rings or eyelets.