02 January 2013

A fresh start for the new year

On New Year's Day, I decided that I really did want a fresh start on my Birgitta cap. So I took scissors all the way up the back, and ripped it all out. I made all the modifications that I'd been pondering - I measured out all the spacing on the backing cloth beforehand. I sewed the outer fabric to the backing cloth firmly and at close spacing, rather than basting. I waxed my thread. I worked out in both directions from the middle, so that I could use a thread long enough to reach end-to-end with some to spare. And so far, I am much more optimistic about the result. Here's to a New Year, and not settling for something that makes you unhappy.

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Edyth Miller said...

Hear, hear! Sometimes it adds a lot of work, but it's SOoo much better to like it in the end than for it just be finished. Looking forward to seeing the final result!