05 September 2013

The finally-finished surcoat

Early 14th c. surcoat
Originally uploaded by Catrijn.
I was able to hem this in the car on the way to an event. (Although it ended up being too warm to need or want it.)

It really is a simple garment. Rectangular body; gores for front, back, and sides; and scoops cut for the neck and arms. Easier than a tunic.


Miriam said...

I forgot to say when you first posted this - firstly, it is beautiful work and secondly it is lovely to see someone who both appreciates the more draped styles of the early 14th Century AND can both make a good one and have it suit them. Bravo!

Catrijn vanden Westhende said...
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Catrijn vanden Westhende said...

Thanks! It's not my typical style, but I like it. A local photographer got some pictures when I was wearing it recently: