22 October 2013

Kirtle progress - sleeves and little details

I've continued working on the black kirtle as I have time, although there aren't any dramatic (or particularly photogenic) changes. I put hooks and eyes in for the skirt portion of the front opening, with the two edges overlapped the same way they are for the lacing so there aren't any visible gaps. Last night, I drafted out short little sleeves for it (pictures/mini-tutorial: 1 2 3 4 5 6). Sleeveless would be an option as well, I think, but both cases would usually have separate pin-on long sleeves if being worn without an overgown, and the sleeves I make for my earlier dresses don't come up quite far enough to the shoulder. In the interest of being able to re-use pieces, this dress will have short sleeves too. Now it's on to all the seam finishing for the bodice seams before I set in the sleeves. After that, seam finishing in the skirt, hemming, and deciding whether to add a lining in the bodice.

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