31 December 2013

Unfinished projects of 2013

Unfinished projects of 2013
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Some people are posting wrap-up summaries of all the things they made this year. I figured I'd have more to talk about if instead, I covered all the things that are currently lying around in my sewing area.

Half a chemise. This is for the 1490s transitional gown project. Still needs: second sleeve attached, gores attached, neckline cut and finished, and hemmed.

Mostly done black kirtle. This is so close to done, and I've worn it already; I might wear it again this weekend and I should really remember to take pictures. Still needs: lining, and maybe replacements for those darn sleeves.

16th century Persian coat. This is luscious, I love the silk. Still needs to be hemmed, and buttons+button loop closures.

12th century wool tunic for my husband. I don't post about things for the man very often, since his style tends toward quite plain, but there it is. This still needs hand-finishing for points of gores, neckline, and hems. Plus I was debating adding contrast accents for the neckline and sleeves.

Enough fabric buttons for the sleeves of my Moy gown. I can't use these until I can manage buttonholes I don't hate...

And last but not least, a new hennin with bonnet. This is just a mock-up, started yesterday... for this weekend. Wish me luck!

And apparently, this is my 100th post. That's a nice way to round out the year :)

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