19 November 2014

Mending season

Darning a tear
Darning a tear
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Although the early fall is my busiest time for travel and events, by late October or November, I'm well into the slow part of the year. That means it's time to look carefully at my most used clothing, checking for anything in need of repair. Simple mending, such as repairing a seam where the thread has snapped, I do without even questioning it. Holes or tears affecting the structure of the fabric are a bigger question mark, and varies a bit depending on how much time and money went in to the piece initially. I really do try to get long life out of the garments I make, though, perhaps more than is usual? I'm still wearing things I've had a decade or more, and they've all been mended and in some cases altered more than once. Pictured here is the result of darning a small tear near the hem of my Moy gown. Brick stitch embroidery also continues - I think I'm about halfway done - but that's not exactly a great spectator sport.

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