25 February 2015

A blue, blue tunic

14th c. men's tunic
14th c. men's tunic
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Slowly but surely. February's Challenge is Blue, and I had a couple of different stash fabrics to choose from. Most of them are already paired with a planned project, and ultimately the most practical one won out. Very occasionally, I get to participate in equestrian activities, and although I can ride in a dress, there are times where I'd just rather not. So, for the first time ever, I'm working on historical mens clothes for myself. I'm targeting mid-14th century, and not super fancy. I've got existing tunics that have the fit I wanted, so I pulled measurements from there and then just brought the hemline up to mid-thigh. I have accessories for a decent look, but what I still don't have are appropriate men's undergarments for a complete outfit. Hopefully I can work that in to an upcoming challenge :)

The Challenge: February - Blue
Fabric: 2 yds med-heavy linen
Pattern: Drafted from measurements; style is basically that of "T-tunic the Period Way"
Year: 1340ish
Notions:1/4" linen tape for finishing neckline
How historically accurate is it: Eh. Looks good, but up close the details aren't right. I can't document dyed linen outerwear for this era, but it's comfortable.
Total cost: Stash fabric, estimated value $15.

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