22 July 2015

Historical Sew Monthly: not going as planned

Still too small embroidered pouch
Still too small embroidered pouch
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I think I'm falling off the HSM wagon. I did make an entry for the June challenge - men's 14th c. braies and hose, but they didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. Usable, yes, and they look decent (although late in the day I had a *lot* of sag in the hose), but there are definitely things I'll change when I attempt this again. Minor adjustments on the hose, but I'll probably start from scratch with different construction for the braies.

For the July Accessories challenge, I wanted to finish my brick-stitch pouch. I knew that was going to be a stretch goal, and it's not going to happen. If I had left it the size I originally started with, it would be done by now. If I could leave it at the size after the first enlargement, I could probably still finish, although it'd be tight. And in both cases I would have a pouch that wouldn't hold my new phone (at all, or comfortably, respectively). And so I need to embark on a second round of enlargement. My heart sinks at the thought of it. I am tired of this project.

I may see about doing something else smaller for the July challenge, but my energy for working on projects has been pretty low. I did start a hat (felted, not sewn), but I'll need to borrow some of the tools to finish it, which isn't going to happen in the next week.


Cathy Raymond said...

I feel your pain. I lost my contract job in June, and since then I've had trouble concentrating on anything else even though we're not in a bad financial position right now. I missed the June challenge; hopefully, I'll get back on track with the July one (handily, the project I planned for June will work for July instead).

Delvalina said...

Love the colors of embroide! And i hope your July challenge goes well.