07 January 2014

The very pet-able hennin

Velvet hennin and wool bonnet
Originally uploaded by Catrijn.
The last project started in 2013 is the first one finished in 2014.

My first hennin was of buckram and wire construction. I've been pretty happy with it, and I've used it at least occasionally for years, but it was starting to get a bit beat up. So I decided to make a new one, and try a different construction method.

The structure of this one is made of two layers of heavy (but unstiffened) linen, with channels filled with reed. It collapses flat when not being worn, so it's pretty resistant to being crushed. The outer fabric is a rather luscious velvet (hence the pet-able hennin). I'd hoped to have enough of the velvet to do at least a band of drape for the front, but sadly there wasn't an appropriately shaped piece.

I also made a round bonnet to go with it, working from the pattern in The Queen's Servants, which worked really well.

The hat worked pretty well in practice, but I need to work in securing my understructure to keep everything steady. My black band under the hood kept slipping back, which threw everything off, and I think I need to pin the hat down to the hood, since the base of it isn't quite big enough to really grip my head. Overall, though, I'd rate it a success.

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Aurora said...

Nice work! I'm about to start on a few of these, good to see it can be done well!